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Prefabricated houses built in Karandila Area.

Prefabricated houses built in Karandila Area.

5 Prefabricated houses ECOZID built-in tourist park "Blue Stones". All of them are with wooden construction and fully designed and built by ECOZID.

It all started in the summer of 2015 and for a very short period of time, but well utilized, the investment intention was realized and a fact in early 2016! Each of the prefabricated wooden houses is designed according to the individual order of the client. The result was five unique, each for itself, guest houses! They completely changed the look of the tourist park "Blue Stones", located in the area "Karandila" near the town of Sliven. These fabulous prefabricated houses are unique by the architectural solution - both the facade and the interior finish of the walls to be entire with wooden paneling.

The whole cycle from the idea projects of ​​the prefabricated houses to their final completion took to ECOZID about 9 months. This was possible thanks to the technology that ECOZID uses and which is unique for Bulgaria. The preparation of the walls is made entirely in factory conditions in maximum completion. The installation process of the prefabricated house is much faster and usually takes about 3-4 working days.