The construction of a prefabricated house begins with the construction of the Foundation. This process also includes the preparation of the construction site and the cleaning of the yard. After the construction of the Foundation, the assembling of the finished walls begins, as the first step is lining its position on a concrete slab and its leveling for the foundation of the wall panels.

The panels used for the prefabricated houses are manufactured in the ECOZID’s factory and have a maximum degree of perfection. This guarantees a higher quality of the construction, as well as a reduction of the time from the opening of the construction site to the completion of the production process. To do this, a crane must be given access to the construction site, as well as a truck to deliver the panels.

Finished walls are carefully transferred to the site, as all of the measures to preserve them in perfect condition are taken. As they arrive, each of them is fixed through hooks for a crane and is placed in its designated place of the structure. The main priorities at the moment are to preserve the geometry of the construction and the alignment of the panels. The Assembly of the prefabricated house itself is carried out within a few days, as you can see that for yourself.

We offer you to perform all the finishing works of your prefabricated house. At the request of the Investor, ECOZID will place driveway tiles, bathroom tiles, terracotta and sanitary furniture in bathrooms and wet rooms, floor coverings on balconies and terraces, railings, interior doors, stairs, fences, garage doors, and will offer you complete interior and exterior solutions. The method of operation and the time needed for completion of the finishing works do not differ from those in monolithic construction.

Kitchen furniture project from ECOZID. We will prepare a project for your kitchen in full accordance with your individual preferences for vision and functionality.

The bathroom is no longer just a place to maintain personal hygiene. High-tech solutions are already being offered for these rooms. They can make them a comfortable and relaxing place for relaxation and massage treatments. This is why sanitary furniture in wet areas is one of the important parts in determining the degree of completion of a prefabricated home.

When created with vision and intent, a staircase can exceed its everyday function and become a sculpture of modern design. Which finds a place in your prefabricated home by a wooden construction. Adhering to this philosophy, ECOZID designers will create a custom design specifically for your needs and desires.

We show you this prefabricated house as an ideal example of a white stucco facade combined with a glass railing. Thanks to the selected architectural forms of the building, it achieves a modern and contemporary style.

The choice that the Investor has got for the appearance of their prefabricated house lining is extremely diverse. ECOZID offers a variety of facade linings depending on the wishes of the Investor and the character of the building.

This prefabricated low-energy house built in the village of Dobrinishte is a great example of a facade design in the Renaissance style.

Facade design of a prefabricated house in a combination of plaster and stone facing.

This magnificent one-story prefabricated home, built by ECOZID, is a perfect example of a facade design with polymer plaster.