Prefabricated Houses


 ECOZID has got a new modern prefabricated house factory equipped with an automated manufacturing line and the most sophisticated wooden constructions. The developed structural design of a specific prefabricated passive and low-energy house is imported into the machine, and it produces all the necessary Assembly elements without direct human intervention.

This fully automated process ensures high-performance accuracy and product quality.

A video of the production process can be viewed here.



 With ready-made parts, the house panels are assembled to the maximum degree of completion, that is, with built-in thermal insulations, electrical and plumbing installations, facade panels, with assembled windows and entrance doors. This is done on specialized hydraulic machines with pneumatic clamps that guarantee the structure’s geometric dimensions. 

 The maximum length of the panels is up to 12 meters, which allows you to make walls for entire facades. When using this manufacturing technology, climate conditions do not matter, and construction can be carried out through the whole year due to the lack of wet processes. The accuracy of execution and quality are incomparable with the accuracy of monolithic construction performed on a construction site.