It is crucial to understand in detail the whole process of your investment realization. The first step is to consult with various contractors. The next step is to get a Pre-construction Project/Idea Project that is made by your needs and desires. The design and construction activities are based on it. The successful outcome is to get “The Permission of using” of the prefabricated house. We believe that it is necessary to be aware of the different standards in prefabricated houses construction. As well as with their differences to make an informed decision.

To be absolutely accurate in determining the financial value of your new home. And so to be sure that it fulfills your desires, ECOZID strictly follows the next rules in making an offer for design and construction.

  1. We provide you a survey. Through which the company receives information about your vision for your dreamed prefabricated house, the wall standard, the stage of completion, and the materials needed for the finishing work you want.
  1. ECOZID prepares a Pre-construction Project on the bases of your survey answers. The Pre-construction Project includes the scheme of the house, outside walls, construction visualization and 3D. This is important for us so we can sum up the right quantities needed for the construction actions and set their financial value.

Needed documents for getting a Pre-construction Project:


  1. A document that proves your ownership.
  2. “Design permission”.
  3. Geodesic analysis of the terrain (If there isn’t any, ECOZID can perform it for you).


The Pre-construction Project doesn’t commit the Investor to use the construction methods offered or to use the services of a certain company. This is the first stage of the projecting process which gives a visualization of the house layout. If the investor doesn’t approve the offer, they can still use our Pre-construction Project and consult with another company to receive an offer.

If the Investor already has a Pre-construction Project, ECOZID will use it to create an offer and the previous list of documents won’t be needed.

In the final step, ECOZID makes you an offer which includes the launching of the projects needed to get building permits and construct the prefabricated house according to the wanted level of completion and the chosen standard. If you accept the offer and sign a construction contract with ECOZID, the cost of your Pre-construction Project is deducted.