» Design - Just as Unique as You are! «


 Together, we will start with your idea of a dream home. We will go through the design and the construction of a prefabricated house, choosing the most suitable products and materials and walk to the final and the finishing work.

 Our teams of architects, designers, engineers, and construction experts will become your professional team which will help you construct your dreamed prefabricated home successfully, quickly and efficiently.


  • This is the first step that we take together on the way to your dreamed prefabricated home. If you already have got a Pre-construction Project, that is great. We can do a quantity-price evaluation and make you an individual offer. If you haven't got a Pre-construction Project, stay calm. You have found the most suitable partner for creating it by finding ECOZID.
  • The drawing up of Pre-constructional architectural projects is a very important stage at which we present your desired house plan that satisfies your vision of comfort and functionality.  Even at an early stage, the included 3D visualization allows you to feel how your home will look like at its finished stage.



  • For developing the Pre-construction Project.
  • The survey that ECOZID provides you formulates the goal and the vision of your desired prefabricated h
  • Design permission  - an extract from the current Detailed Site Development Plan or Design permission under article 140 of the Low on territory planning.
  • Geodesic capture of the plot - done by a geodetic engineer. If you haven't got such a geodesic capture, we can do it for you.
  • Information about the ownership of the plot - title deed of ownership.
  • At the next stage, all of the projects needed for issuing a permit for construction are developed.



In detail:

  • Architecture.
  • Constructions.
  • Electricity.
  • Water supply and, sanitation.
  • Heating efficiency.
  • Vertical building expansion.
  • Heating.
  • A plan for safety and health management system.
  • A passive fire prevention system (PFPS).

 The prefabricated house designs are made by designers who have got a perfect designer's qualification. Then they are co-ordinated with the Investor. In its designing activities, ECOZID uses specialized software that allows a three-dimensional design for some of the constructions. There is a detailed visualization of all of the bonds and elements - even of those with the most complex wooden structure.

  • At a request of the Investor, a general report can also be made, to give an evaluation of the essential construction requirements and to shorten the time for gaining a permit for construction. The general report is made by a licensed consulting company that is not related to the designing team. THE GENERAL REPORT IS MADE AT THE REQUEST OF THE INVESTOR.
  • A Report on the assessment of compliance of the investment project in the Technical project phase under article 169, paragraph 1, point 6 for energy efficiency - energy saving and heat preservation of the Law on the territory planning, made by people who meet the requirements of the Law on energy conservation and are included in the public register under article 23,  paragraph 4 of the same law.



 Being at the Technical Project stage, it is a subject of approval by the municipal administration and is also a reason for issuing a construction permit and construction execution. The technological period time for preparation of the set of projects is 40 working days.



  • All of the required documents are described in the Pre-construction Project part.
  • A preliminary contract, for connecting the prefabricated house to the electro transmission line, that is concluded between the owner and the relevant company.
  • A preliminary contract for a water supply connection that is concluded between the owner and the relevant company.
  • A geologic report of the area where the prefabricated house will be built is not required, but it is preferable. This is data that will help the structural engineer in designing the prefabricated building construction, especially as it comes to uneven terrain.



  • For us, this is one of the most interesting parts of the construction of prefabricated homes. In this part, the company's designers prepare technological maps that track the entire production process of the prefabricated house and the embedded materials. These maps allow the designer to carry out quality control during each stage of the technology.
  • It is the Working Project that connects the three-dimensional project to a part of constructions by using a direct import and stores them in a woodworking center with digital software control. All elements of the future prefabricated house are produced there without human intervention in performing separate technological operations.



 ECOZID can also draw up an Interior Design Project for certain parts or the entire prefabricated house, such as ceramic tiles and bathroom furniture, living space furniture, kitchen furniture, selecting and visualization of floor coverings, the interior layout of walls, saunas, etc. This entire process allows the Investor to actively participate in the design of his dreamed home starting from the ideological level.



 They can also be part of the project that will provide the Investor with an overall vision of their investment. Even at the preliminary stage, this allows the Investor to achieve harmony between internal solutions and the areas around the house. By developing various options, the ECOZID's designers will help you find the best combination to create an atmosphere of coziness and calmness. All this is a complex set of projects that allow the Investor to see the house of their dreams even at the preliminary stage.