Prefabricated Houses

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 Pavatex was founded back in 1932 in Switzerland and it is a producer of high-quality wood fiber insulating panels with outstanding thermal characteristics. Pavatex is an  absolute pioneer in the industry  offering not only individual  products but integrated sustainable systems and solutions for complete isolation of modern buildings, form  the complete renovation of traditional saddle or fully functional systems for flat roofs, through overall solutions for internal and external insulation of heavy and timber frame constructions, to heatproof, pressure and noise resistant flooring systems  ensuring protection from moisture, mold, and mildew.

 Just like Ecozid, Pavatex believes in sustainable growth and ecological construction solutions. The constant strive for product improvement,  the modern and efficient production process and the usage of a completely natural material, guarantees the exceptional insulation characteristics of Pavatex products.



EGGER OSB is a flat panel with a three-layer structure of oriented distributed strands (micro-veneers) according to DIN EN 300. The special strand geometry has a high degree of strand orientation in the grain direction of the outer layer which assures outstanding technical characteristics and very good inherent stability.


Standards and thickness:

1. EGGER OSB 3 is a multifunctional panel suitable for dry and wet environment with various areas of application:

– Wooden and residential construction ;

– Interior design and decorative applications;

– Long-lasting packaging/wrapping manufacture;
– In industrial applications;
– In concrete construction;

The panels are produced with a polished or rough surface. These can have either tongue and groove or even edges.


2. EGGER OSB 2 is used in a dry environment. It comes along with a rough surface. It can be used in the following areas of application:

– For furniture stores;

– For wooden construction;

– Production of packaging

3. EGGER OSB 4 TOP is used for wooden constructions with technical approval Z-9.1-566. It has a high degree of strand orientation and combined with the raw materials used this results in qualities superior to the average technical characteristics. This is a product with increased firmness. EGGER OSB 4 TOP`s areas of application are:

– Timber frame and engineered wood construction;

– Prefabricated house construction and passive house construction;
– Store construction and exhibition stand – commercial construction.

It can be used in a dry and wet environment and it is characterized by the stability of dimensions and edges.