The key factors in choosing prefabricated houses by customers.

The key factors in choosing prefabricated houses by customers.

In the last decade, the construction of prefabricated houses is gaining more and more supporters. Perhaps in part because such houses that have already been built have proven the undeniable advantages of this type of construction over others. This is due in part to the fact that more and more people are showing a desire for an ecological way of life and nature conservation. The development of technology and the easy exchange of information on the subject also contribute extremely positively to the development of the industry. Thanks to social media and the Internet, users can now be found who are more and more fascinated by prefabricated houses every year and enjoy their fully preserved condition over the years. Often, a few years after application, people who have chosen to build a prefabricated house define this as one of the best investments made.

Here we will look at the main factors that have influenced people in deciding to build a prefabricated house. For this purpose, we have consulted many of our customers who have chosen prefabricated houses ECOZID. We have also used several international reports on this topic, which are listed at the end of the article.


The key criteria when choosing prefabricated houses by customers:


Product quality is one of the most important criteria for choosing prefabricated houses by customers. The guarantee for this is that with the development of technology and gaining experience most of the processes are performed in factory conditions, avoiding the influence of climatic conditions, and also introduces modern specialized equipment. The high quality of the product and the achieved characteristics of the building justify the high initial investment and the subsequent lower costs in the process of operation of the prefabricated houses.




The customer service department must be organized in order to make access to information that could be of interest to people easily and quickly accessible. That is why the Internet presence is completely mandatory, but its very existence is no longer enough. People expect to receive up-to-date information as well as data that they can use to compare with other types of construction over a period of time. Consultations are extremely important because then those working in the field of prefabricated house sales must first convince the customer that prefabricated construction is better, but this must be with the methods of facts and specific characteristics. At the next stage, when the client has already decided to invest in the construction of a prefabricated house, it is time to choose the company to perform the production and installation. Very often our clients say that they first met with other companies who managed to convince them of the many advantages of prefabricated houses but later failed to prove that they are the best choice for the contractor of their prefabricated. house. According to them, in these communications, there is no in-depth presentation of the product with its characteristics, advantages over the others, specificity, and detail in the offered offer not only as a price but also as used materials. Last but not least is the production technology and the equipment with which the production process is realized. These customers also share that after the most correct choice of how to build their home, they now want to choose from the best companies for the design and its connection with the production and installation of this type of prefabricated buildings. ECOZID prefabricated houses have been built in Bulgaria for more than 17 years and are over 300 throughout the country. The majority of clients who have chosen ECOZID prefabricated houses share their opinion and experience about the way of communication and the high level of professionalism and quality at every stage of the work of the consultants, designers, architects, and builders of ECOZID.




In addition to product quality, the final cost of building prefabricated houses is a key criterion for customer selection. There is a growing desire of people to pay more in the initial stage in order to enjoy a good quality of workmanship and comfort of living, which will be preserved for many years. The good price-quality ratio of the prefabricated houses ECOZID is the basis of the company's success. Thanks to this, most of our clients have been willing and happy to recommend us for more than 17 years. Over time, the high requirements of our customers for return on investment, together with the mandatory low costs for maintenance and repair of prefabricated houses ECOZID, are fully satisfied. The trust they have shown in us is deserved and fully justified, both during the construction of the site and years after its completion.




The options for designing a prefabricated house for the customer's order are crucial. The ability to have complete control over the layout design and functionality of their new home fills them with enthusiasm. The size and complexity of the architectural and structural projects of prefabricated houses affect the period for their construction. The term for completion of the construction of a prefabricated house is influenced by the complexity of the projects, but not by the climatic conditions under which the structures are installed, nor by the geographical location of the property. ECOZID first prepares an individual project of the prefabricated house according to the client's order. Based on it, he prepares a detailed offer. With the conceptual design, the client can request offers from different companies without committing him to a construction contract. If during the selection of a builder the client manages to find a company that fully meets his ideas for the realization of his investment intention, he can turn to him and we will provide him with everything he needs to continue the construction without any problems.




The types of guarantees and warranty periods that give each company engaged in the production and installation of prefabricated houses are crucial. Customers believe that the long-term experience and the number of completed projects by a company are as important as the guarantees they provide for the structural elements and finishing works. You can visit prefabricated houses ECOZID, which were built more than 17 years ago. They have completely preserved their perfect appearance and without additional repairs. This is sure proof of the professionalism of the company's employees. Even the smallest thing is perfected to perfection without any compromises in the quality and materials used, the warranty period is what is written in the Spatial Development Act. For the structural elements of the prefabricated houses, the warranty period is 10 years, and for all finishing works, the warranty period is 5 years.