On 12.05.2015 in the village of Cherganovo, Municipality Kazanlak, ECOZID opened its new factory for wooden constructions and prefabricated low-energy and passive houses. The mayor of Municipality Kazanlak Mrs. Galina Stoyanova, the mayor of Cherganovo village, Mrs. Svetla Trifonova, as well as investors from Germany, Austria, and Bulgaria, designers and specialists in the field of wooden constructions, attended the ceremony.

 The Mayor of Kazanlak, Mrs. Galina Stoyanova congratulated the owners and the company’s team for their new acquisition and honored them with a memorial of the Municipality, assuring the attendees that the local government has always strived to support new business ventures and appreciated the high achievements of ECOZID. For 11 years, the company has been striving to establish a new system for fast and quality construction of warm, healthy and eco-friendly residential buildings.

 The new factory has a workshop for the production of wooden constructions and assembly of prefabricated houses, as well as an administrative part, built using the wooden-skeleton beam structure. Modern materials are used for its construction, and it itself meets 100% of the highest European criteria for ecology, energy efficiency and comfort of habitation. The architects’ office and the customer service department are also situated here. In the special presentation hall, you can find samples of different types of prefabricated houses, such as ECO-STANDART, ECO-COMFORT, and ECO-NATURE.


 The manufacturing part is equipped with the only high-tech multiprocessing centers in Bulgaria for the preparation of wooden elements used in the assembly of prefabricated houses, farms for production halls and complex wooden constructions. The assembly of the manufactured elements is carried out on a special stand that guarantees the quality of the final product and a high degree of completeness in the factory setting. Thus organized, the production process guarantees speed and high quality of the finishing works at the building site. The design and the implementation of the new production facility were made by the Ecozid team.