ECOZID with the Award of the German Economy 2016 in Bulgaria

ECOZID with the Award of the German Economy 2016 in Bulgaria

The company was ranked second in the category Technological and Ecological Innovations and Solutions

On 26.01.2017, for the 13th time, the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BGCIC) awarded companies that have contributed to the development of Bulgarian-German economic relations in the past year. ECOZID was awarded for the technological, ecological and innovative solutions implemented in 2016 with the introduction of new standards for external walls, the use of innovative materials and investment in new equipment.

In 2016 ECOZID became the official PAVATEX representative for Bulgaria and Romania - the innovative Swiss insulation system made from wooden particles. Pavatex materials were used for the development and introduction of new standard walls ECOCOMFORT AND ECONATUR, which has higher insulation qualities, make the walls ‘breathe’, save the construction, make the building’s microclimate ecological and healthy, have less harmful emissions, save the environment and are absolutely recyclable. Thus ECOZID has created an innovative product for the Bulgarian market, which reduces the environmental footprint of its production and buildings.

Тhanks to ECOZID, the innovative ecological insulation system PAVATEX has become accessible to the Bulgarian market and enables the construction industry to increase its efficiency, thermal insulation characteristics of the buildings, to increase its environmental awareness and sustainability. Last but not least, this significantly increases the trade and economic exchange between Bulgaria and Germany.

All this was taken into account during the certification of the company by the BMF for DIN 1052 and DIN 4102 standards, which happened in 2016. The document was issued by the German agency BMF, after a thorough inspection of the whole production process, used materials, details, quality control, etc. Ecozid is the only company for manufacturing of wooden constructions outside the German-speaking world, which has received a certificate from the first time without any remarks. Meanwhile, Ecozid is the only company in Bulgaria with this certificate.

For the first time, this year, the prize was awarded in four categories. The number of the nominated companies was 27, and membership in the (BGCIC) was not a prerequisite for participation.

In the category "Technological and Environmental Innovations and Solutions", the first prize was awarded to Kaufland Bulgaria EOOD and Co. KD. Kaufland Bulgaria applied for this category with the concept of energy saving and CO2 reduction with a unique installation for heating and cooling in Kaufland stores. The stores are independent of external energy sources having 100% of the annual energy needs covered by the system. There is also no noise pollution.


Third place in this category was for the BULSTRAD LIFE VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP.


The other three categories were: Big Enterprise, Small and Medium Enterprise, Corporate Social Responsibility. The winner in each of the categories was nominated by a jury of representatives of the BGCIC, the Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, the Bulgarian Investment Agency, the Market Economics Institute, the German Trade & Investment Agency, the Advisory Board Industry at the Bulgarian Embassy in Sofia, the Economic Department of the German Embassy in Sofia and the media partners at the event, the 24 Hours Newspaper and the News Manager.


More information about the 2016 German Economy Award in Bulgaria can be found here:


Award of the German Economy 2016 in Bulgaria