Certification by the German Ü-standards

Certification German U standards DIN 1052 and DIN 4102

Ecozid obtained the most prestigious certificate for prefabricated wooden houses. The company is the first in Bulgaria, in this field, to have been successfully certified by DIN.

 At the beginning of September 2016, Ecozid was given a quality certificate for DIN 1052 and DIN 4102 standards. The document was issued by the German agency BMF, after a thorough inspection of the whole production process, used materials, details, quality control, etc. On the 4th and 5th of August 2016 the BMF’s employees visited the Ecozid Factory, situated in the Cherganovo village, Municipality of Kazanlak and a month later after the inspection, the results were announced.

Certification German U standards for ECOZID INVEST Ltd

 Ecozid is the only company for the manufacturing of wooden constructions outside the German-speaking world, which has received this certificate from the first time without any remarks. Meanwhile, Ecozid is the only company in Bulgaria with this certificate.

 This document is proof of the high level of professionalism and high-quality production of Ecozid, and it’s also an assurance that the company is at the highest European level. This certificate is extremely valued and it builds up the image of the whole industry, of the Bulgarian business overall and opens huge opportunities for the future development of the company on the foreign markets.