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Built prefabricated house in Rozovo.

built prefabricated house in Rozovo

 We are proud to present the single-family low-energy house built by ECOZID in Rozovo village, Bulgaria. The built prefabricated house is on one floor as the total built-up area is 86.6 sq.m. This is a prefabricated house with a compact layout, including a living room with a kitchen, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a toilet, and a storage room.

 The degree of completion chosen by the client for the built prefabricated house in Rozovo was Bare Walls. This option is for those who want to take their time with the final touches without making any compromises with the technical details. This is a well-balanced solution that helps you save money without losing quality. In addition to the rough construction, you can profit from our experience and professional services.