Built prefabricated house in Dragovishtitsa.

Built prefabricated house in Dragovishtitsa.

 We present to you the single-family prefabricated house built by ECOZID in the village of Dragovishtitsa. The degree of completion chosen by the client is TURNKEY. The prefabricated house is on one floor with a total built-up area of 85.28 square meters. The practical and rational thinking of our architects has created this compact and modern one-floor prefabricated building. This is a prefabricated house that is large enough to fully satisfies the needs and desires of each member of the family.

  • Kitchen with dining room and living room - 29.06 sq.m.
  • Bedroom 1 - 10.35 sq.m.
  • Bedroom 2 - 9.00 sq.m.
  • Entrance hall - 8.50 sq.m.
  • Closet - 2.90 sq.m.
  • Bathroom - 4.00 sq.m.
  • Covered terrace - 12.67 sq.m.
  • Outdoor terrace - 2.00 sq.m.

 Thanks to our insulation layer, more than 6% additional floor in this built prefabricated house in Dragovishtitsa was gained in comparison to similar projects built in a conventional way.

 Our ECOSystembau Technology combines natural materials with innovative constructions in order to guarantee a high level of comfort and energy efficiency. Due to the breathable outer shell and the precise insulation of our buildings, the humidity in the premises can be regulated naturally without any loss of thermal energy. This creates an optimal living environment for you and your family.

 Because we care for our quality and for your health we constantly upgrade our products. We are holding BMF quality standards for panels and constructions (Bundes Association of Pre-fabricated Houses and Assembled Construction).