Sealing of windows in prefabricated houses.

Sealing of windows in prefabricated houses.

 Windows are one of the most important parts of the surrounding elements of buildings and in particular of prefabricated houses. In the video, you can get acquainted with the installation of windows and front doors. The professional implementation of this process will guarantee the quality of life in your low-energy or passive prefabricated house.


Professional quality of installation.


 The quality insulation of prefabricated houses must be comparable to the quality of the windows and their installation. This means that when installing windows, the joint between the frame and the wall must be sealed so that it is more airtight on the inside than on the outside. As with the walls of prefabricated houses, the sealing of the joints on the inside must not allow the ingress of moist air from the rooms into the joint. This is done to prevent condensation from forming inside the joint and to ensure that residual moisture in the joint seals can evaporate outwards. This prevents damage to the structure of the house. For this purpose, it is very important to perform this seal very carefully and to use suitable high-quality products for sealing the joints.


Levels of joint sealing.


 Levels for professional sealing of windows and exterior doors of a prefabricated wooden house:

  1. First, the wet vapors in the joint are prevented and it is protected from mold.
  2. At the second level, thermal insulation and sound insulation are guaranteed, and if the humidity in this area increases, the degree of insulation decreases.
  3. On the third level, the joint is protected from external climatic conditions. This protection is provided by various materials that perform the respective functions.

 In recent years, tapes have been released that perform all three functions simultaneously and provide energy-efficient installation. The tape has an adhesive layer that adheres to the frame. It is applied in a compressed state and gradually swells after unfolding and laying, tightly sealing the joint. In this case, all three sealing levels are filled with one product. No additional sealing of the windows with other materials is required.