Energy positive buildings.

 For a long time, experts considered zero energy and passive buildings to be the maximum in terms of energy efficiency in construction and design. The idea of a building that produces more energy than it used to once belonged to the distant and unattainable future. However, the rapid development of building and energy technologies today has led to a kind of "quantum leap" in the construction of modern homes.

 The concept of buildings being energy suppliers is now a reality. Thanks to completely new energy supply technologies. Today there are energy-positive residential and commercial buildings, schools, office buildings, and more. The first such projects are already a fact in Bulgaria.


Transition to the buildings of the future.


 In Europe, energy-efficient buildings have gradually become a tradition. We have been working on the concept of climate-neutral buildings for more than three decades. Since the beginning of the century, low-energy buildings have been the minimum standard for the construction of new homes.

 Thanks to developments in the field of building design and the construction industry, it has become possible to construct buildings that do not use fossil fuels in their energy mix. These buildings even produce more energy than they consume. They could pass it on to other consumers.

 The concept of a plus energy building does not depend on a specific technology. It could be done in many different ways. By using an intelligent combination of energy-efficient construction technologies, renewable energy installations, and other innovative systems.