Built prefabricated house in Trudovec.

ECOZID is pleased to present the newly built passive and low-energy prefabricated house in the village of Trudovets, Botevgrad municipality. The total built-up area of ​​the prefabricated house is 136.00 square meters. The investment project is on two floors and includes a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a boiler room, and two verandas.

The stage of completion of this prefabricated house is "TURNKEY". All construction and installation activities, including landscaping, are completed within 2018. Renewable energy sources (RES), such as solar panels and a heat pump, are used to heat the prefabricated house and domestic hot water. This is an innovative method that is based on the latest technologies in dry construction. Wastewater is treated by a local treatment plant.